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An image is a powerful form of communication

It is a common saying that a picture worth a thousand words. And indeed, it is true. With the advancement of telecommunication and photographic techniques, the traditional and printed ways of communication are gradually fading away. The visual expression has conquered the world of communication with its flexibility and popularity. Use of images and visual expression in a medium such as television, photography, film, as well as printed medium is becoming powerful day by day.

A picture speaks louder than words; therefore, the present world is inclined towards visual expression rather than verbal expressions. Psychologists believe that visual images have a greater impact on human beings as compared to the words. The mass media is aware of this fact therefore, it has incorporated images and visuals in most of the mediums of communication to convey the message in a better and more influential form. There are many chances of the lack of interest of the audience when they are being communicated by written or verbal expressions. People often get bored with lengthy speeches and lecture which does not have any images and visuals to lighten up the whole session. This is the reason why teachers prefer the use of visual resources our written or verbal communication in their classes. The utilization of images and videos based learning is quite common in modern school these days. The visual expression makes lectures more interesting and students pay more attention to their lectures if these have some visual element in them.

Even printed media like new papers and magazines prefers using images to attract their audience. For this reason, the present publications are over flooded with different images. Television broadcasting companies are also incorporating different visual technologies to make their content more interesting and concrete. Any news delivered with video footage is considered more authentic than the mere verbal utterance of the event. Moreover, advertisements with eye-catching images and videos motivate the buyer to buy a particular product or service.

Visual sources have also marked its presence in our daily life and informal communications. The phone calls to the relatives and friends have transformed into video conversations. People prefer video conversation because they feel more comfortable with talking and seeing the image of another person at the same time.

Despite the increasing demand of visual technologies and casual expression, the written form of communication has still not completely wiped out. It has still maintained its importance in the field of official, formal, and interpersonal communication. However, it is an undeniable fact a picture speaks louder than words; therefore, use of images and visuals is deepening its roots in the field of communication.


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