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Can Smoking Ban Help People Quit Smoking Essay

Smoking is highly injurious to health and it can cause severe health complications at some stage of life. It does not matter what amount of cigarettes a person smokes per day because even two or four cigarettes a day can cause harm to the body. Different people smoke for different reasons. Some people become so habitual that after every fifteen minutes or so they need to smoke to get them thinking fast and taking crucial decisions. Some people smoke because they consider it cool, especially teenagers who grew up idolizing celebrities who appear stylish when smoking. Teenagers try to emulate their favorite celebrities and can become habitual of smoking.

Some people smoke because they think that they cannot get their work done without smoking. It is a psychological barrier which forces them to keep smoking during working hours and even afterwards to get their work done. No matter what the real purpose of smoking is, it is harmful at the end of the day. It may help some people carry on daily activities efficiently but in the long run it can cause debilitating and other serious illnesses having no cure. In this article we will discuss whether ban on cigarette smoking has helped people quit smoking or not. Please continue reading to find out.

Smoking has been banned in many developed nations. There are few specific places where one can smoke. People who smoke are not openly allowed to smoke in public places. They cannot smoke while using transportation such as bus. They cannot smoke in premises of different buildings. Moreover, cigarettes have now become excessively costly. A person who is a regular smoker needs a good amount of money to bear smoking expenses every day. However, the question is whether these measures taken by different governments in the world have any effect on those who smoke.

Despite banning and increasing the cost of cigarettes there are people who still smoke. They find it way too inconvenient in terms of specific places they can smoke at but somehow they find a way out. They still smoke when they have to. Even the pictures being used on different cigarette packs consisting of people suffering from oral cancer have no real impact on those who smoke. Some people get scared with the pictures of people suffering from oral cancer due to smoking and they take positive measures as to quit.

Speaking in general terms cigarettes are still being sold despite revealing harmful consequences. They are indeed expensive but people still buy them and find a way to fulfill their need to smoke. In order to control and keep people from smoking complete ban on cigarette smoking is required. Anyone found smoking should be penalized because he is not only harming himself but also polluting the environment with poisonous and harmful chemicals which can be detrimental for health even for those who do not smoke.

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