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Essay on Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is undoubtedly an issue that opens door for endless debates and discussions. Capital punishment refers to the death sentence given to a person who has committed a severe crime such as murder. There as several theories presented by different scholars and researchers that show that capital punishment should be abolished as it has failed to prove itself as a useful tool to eradicate serious crimes from a particular society. However, there are people who are still in favor of enforcing death penalties in order to discourage illegal activities in the society.

The proponents provide different arguments based on moral and justice principles. They believe that serious punishments for serious crimes are morally and logically justifiable. They are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in killing a person to punish him/her for murdering someone. Moreover, enforcement of such strict laws discourages other people to commit the same mistake. Apart from that, it also provides a chance to the love ones of the deceased to take revenge of the death of the victim by asking the law authorities to provide justice and to take a life for a life.

On the other hand, the opponents oppose capital punishments on the basis of the importance of life. Killing itself is an unethical and unacceptable act. Killing as a punishment does not justify it as an ethical act. Therefore, taking someone’s life cannot be just. Moreover, the studies and researches on criminology have suggested that capital punishment kills a criminal but it fails to kill a crime. The eradication of a crime cannot be done by enforcing death penalties. Scandinavian countries are one of those countries which have lowest murder case rates. And people might be startled to know that these countries no capital punishments. So statistically is has been proven that capital punishment does not guarantee the reduction of murder cases.

Life is very important, if someone commits such crime then he/she must be severely punished but killing for killing is not the solution. Murderer must be given a chance to atone what has been done. Sentencing the murderer to death deprives him/her of the chance to regret upon his/her act and most importantly deprives him/her of his/her life. Rehabilitation plays an important role to discourage criminals to murder or commit other crimes again. Government should avoid cruel punishments and must focus on the eradication of the crimes from the society by means of rehabilitation. As capital punishment mostly fails to serve its purpose, therefore, it must be abolished from all the countries of the world.


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