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Diagnosis and Psycho Therapy of Panic Disorder

In order to get a diagnosis from this disorder the patient goes through certain examinations and tests. The physician or other health care provider will then determine whether it is or not attacks or panic disorders or other problems, such as heart or thyroid, the symptoms of which are similar to those of panic disorders. Among the various tests and exams may include:

Physical examination

It can include the measurement of mass and height, control of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart mechanism and temperature, hearing to the lungs, heart and the abdominal examination.

Medical Lab test

It may include a total blood count as well as tests of the thyroid and other hemoglobin tests. It can also support examinations, such as an electrocardiogram to determine the good functioning.

Psychotherapy of Panic Disorder

Psychotherapy helps in understanding the causes of attacks, panic disorders and to identify ways to address them. The main type of psychotherapy used for the treatment is cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. It recommends following the treatment with a psychologist or psychiatrist with experience in the treatment of panic disorder. Cognitive behavioral psychoanalysis assists to transform those patterns of thinking (cognitive), which trigger the fears and panic attacks. It can also help patient to change the way they react (behavior) in situations of anxiety or fear. During the therapy sessions it is recognized what are the factors that generate panic attacks or what make it worse, such as specific situations or thoughts. It helps to find out ways to cope with apprehension and physical signs linked with panic attacks. These may include relaxation techniques and breathing. This way patient can overcome the fear of being in assured situations they might inclined to avoid, such as in crowded place or driving a vehicle. It can begin to see the first improvements in the symptoms of panic attack during few weeks and the symptoms usually disappear within a few months. As soon as sign and symptoms begin to improve, maintenance therapy with meetings held once a month can make panic attacks remain under control. Psychologist can finally stop treatment when symptoms disappear completely, which can take place more or less in a year's time. However, the panic attack symptoms sometimes return. In this case look for immediate treatment, if possible, and make sure that patient can handle any stressful situations.

It is concluded that usually people who suffer from panic attacks refers fear of death, of "going crazy" or trailing control of passion and behavior. The experience usually causes a strong need to avoid or run away from where the attack begins (answer "fight or flight") and, when associated with chest pain, rapid heartbeat and briefness of breath, door to seek help from health services emergency. In this disorder patient suffers from common symptoms that includes headache and Dizziness etc. However, there are many symptoms of panic disorder which is diagnosed psychologically as well as through psychiatry. Panic attack usually takes place due to fear and worries the treatment is carried out by psychological analysis by counseling and appearing in sessions. However, psychotherapy is conducted and the patient may takes few months to recover from the panic attack

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