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Essay on Influence of Marketing Mix on Purchase Decision

Marketing mix elements are controlled variables and thus it is possible to cater to the defined target group if these variables are managed in the correct manner. Different theories of adoption reveal the preferences of the consumers for various goods and services. The preferences of the consumers are influenced by the factors such as fuel efficiency that the consumers consider more important that other factors. Also, the brand name reveals the utility, quality and technology of the product. The factors such as comfort and safety as the most important features for the car purchase. Thus, maximum weightage must be given to the above mentioned factors.

The factors consider major by the consumers in deriving their satisfaction levels include brand popularity, driving comfort, durability, travel convenience, spare parts availability and overall look. The consumers consider safety as most important characteristic while the value for money is taken as second important factor. Third factor is the riding comfort that is considered by the consumers while purchasing a car. In the developed economies such as Europe, technology is an important consideration for the car manufacturers as well as customers. Face-off buyers prefer the cars that are comfortable, depict luxury and offer space. There is a certain maturity in taste given the technological advancement and growing affluence. In order to attract customers, prices are set such as advertises appeal the consumers. This is evident from the increasing use of car prices in the media and advertising campaigns. The purpose is to allow the consumers to compare the different alternatives of automobiles at the disposal when making the decision to purchase.

Value of brand is very high for the automobile market as the brand is the interface between the customers and manufacturers. There is direct relationship between the customer satisfaction and communicational services. There is only one way to manage the uncertainty that can arise after purchasing the product and that is to establish a long term relationship with customers. For this purpose, proper trainings are given to the personnel in order to give better customer services in the auto-manufacturing industry. One of the inseparable parts of customer service in the automobile industry is the repair and maintenance. The automobile industry includes the discovery services in which the company detects any defects in the product and rectifies it without any loss of the customers. The trust is key in developing brand loyalty. The factors that influence trust of the consumers towards the brand are brand characteristics, consumer characteristics and company characteristics. However, the brand characteristics are most important in influencing the consumers’ trust and thus marketers need to carefully consider the brand factors in developing the brand trust.


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