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Internet Censorship

We are encountering a new era-The Era of cyber technology. There is no denying that internet has gained significant popularity since its introduction in 10th century. Every circle of life has now been transformed to a great extent due to the inclusion of internet. There is no particular group of people who is deprived of this miraculous and limitless platform for acquiring information and knowledge. Internet is also been used for the purpose of entertainment and it can be said it is the most common usage of internet. With the great exposure of internet, people are now becoming more and more cautious about the content level of the internet. People believe that there is a great necessity of filtering the content of the internet to avoid the exposure to unethical, obscene material.

Internet has conquered every aspect of life and it has become most widely used source and fastest way of acquiring information and knowledge regarding particular subject. Even those students who are completing their studies have frequent exposure to the internet. They are constantly being assigned by different assignments require comprehensive research work which can be easily done by using internet. When such students and other population use internet they lure by different obscene material and hate literature which tarnish their moral character and provoke them to get involved in unethical and unacceptable. Therefore, government has a huge responsibility to filter the content of the internet to protect its citizen from any kind of unethical practices.

Children are the most vulnerable audience as they are very impressionable and learn from what they see and experience in their lives. Even when the child is not using the internet with any wrong intentions, he is exposed to pop-up porn ads which foster unethical and obscene habits in him. Parents must keep a watch on their children while they are using internet, either for study propose or for entertainment purpose. Moreover, new extensions of famous search engines help people to avoid exposure to any kind of unauthentic and obscene content.

In a nutshell, it can be said that ultimate freedom of internet can have adverse effects on its audience, therefore, government must ban ay information or material which causes the moral decay of its citizen. Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time, invented to serve the humanity, therefore, every individual must take the responsibility using it correctly rather than misusing it.


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