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Writing Case Study Analysis on Cloud Computing

The discussion upon the relationship between cloud computing and big data is accompanied by reported case studies in the context of the research topic. The cases are provided by various vendors who assimilated big data technologies into cloud computing environment. Customer case studies from vendors, which includes; Microsoft, Google, and Amazon were achieved. The case studies mentioned below displays the use of cloud computing technologies within the analytics of big data and also in managing the increasing variety, velocity, and volume, of digital information. The below illustrated case studies have been selected, reason being, they demonstrate the extensive variability of research communities that deployed cloud computing.


An online vendor was facing revenue losses due to the unreliable real-time notification regarding service problems in cloud-based e-commerce platform. Alacer used algorithms of big data to establish a cloud monitoring system that delivers proactive and reactive notifications. With the deployment of the cloud computing technology with the monitoring platform of Alacer, the incident response time was abridged to seconds from one hour; thus, exaggeratedly improving customer satisfaction and eliminating the penalties caused by the service level agreement.

343 Industries

The Halo is a franchise of science fiction media that has been developed into a global entertainment phenomenon. Approximately more than 50 million copies of the Halo video games have been launched and sold, globally. Prior to the debut of Halo 4, the developers analyzed data to acquire insight into the online tournaments and preferences of players. In order to accomplish this task, the team deployed Windows Azure HD insight service that was based upon the big data framework of Apache Hadoop. The team was also able to deliver game statistics to the operators of the tournament that used the data for ranking the players based upon game play, by deploying HD insight service to practice and analyze raw data from Windows Azure. Also, the team deployed Hindsight service so as to update Halo 4 on weekly basis. In addition, the team used it so as to support everyday e-mail campaigns intended to increase retention of the players. Organizations can also use data to take prompt business verdicts.


Swiftkey is the language technology that was originated in London in the year 2008. The respective language technology helps touch screen typing by giving personalized corrections and estimation. The enterprise gathers and analyzes terabytes of data in order to produce language models for various active users. Therefore, the company requires multilayered and highly scalable model system that can stride with progressively increasing demand. Also, it should also have a powerful processing engine for the technology of artificial intelligence used in the prophecy generation. In order to accomplish the objectives, the Swiftkey uses Apatache Hadoop successively on Amazon Elastic cloud computer and Amazon Simple Storage service to achieve the handling of manifold terabytes of data. By the deployment of this new solution, the company was able to scale services on demand throughout peak time.

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