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Learn How To Pre-Write an Expository Essay

Expository Essay is an essay which explains or acquaints the reader with knowledge about a particular topic or subject matter.

Here is an example of the expository essay prompt:

Taking a risk means acting without knowing whether the outcome will be good. Think carefully but the statement.

Now we will see the important steps that a student must take before writing the final draft of an expository essay. These steps are also referred as pre-writing steps. Write an essay explaining why it is sometimes necessary to take chance.


Narrow the prompt by highlighting the key terms. In the example of the essay prompt given above, “it is necessary to take a chance” would the key term that is needed to be highlighted.

Step 2

Underline the main topic of your essay. In the example of essay prompt, the main topic or the subject matter would be chance or risk.

Step 3

Broaden the definition of main topic by using a graphic organizer. You can use the method of drawing an IDEA WEB. Fisrt of all, find the dictionary definition of Chance. Then speculate what your think the word means and finally think about an apt example. Always refer the dictionary from where you will get the definition of your main topic. The dictionary definition of the chance is “an opportunity to do something”. After this, give your opinion about the meaning of the main topic. You may think that “chance means to take risk to achieve your goal when the outcome is unknown”. Finally think of an example like, “apply for a sports team even though you may not get accepted”.

Step 4

Provide at least two reasons that support your example. The example of your main topic is “Apply for a sports team even though you may not get accepted”. The reasons to support you example would be: “ if you will never take the chance of applying for a sports team then you can never know your potential” . And other reason would be “even if you get rejected, you will still have the time to practice more and to take the chance again thinking that maybe this time you can achieve your goal”.

Step 5

Write a truism that reflects your definition of the main topic and the example that you have provided. A truism is a statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting. The truism of your main topic would be “Sometimes you have to take a chance to get what you want out of life”.

Now you are ready to draft your expository essay. Grab the pen to spill the words on the white sheet and impress your teacher!


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